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  • "I've been dieting on and off for years and nothing seemed to stick. My biggest issue: I'm always hungry. After the first few sessions with Jessica, I already felt different. My habits were changing and I noticed clothes fitting differently. Best of all, I feel great! She is an amazing person and very motivating! I would recommend her to the fullest of my abilities!"

  • "I am very impressed by Jessica's knowledge of nutrition and her attentive follow-up to make sure that I achieve my goal. With her guidance, I learned to eat smart and my body fat percentage decreased within a month."

  • "Jessica helped put things into perspective by educating me about the nutritional values of food, volumes per serving, and the ideal times to eat or snack based on my schedule. She also provided recommendations on certain brands that could be incorporated into meal plans as well as easy-to-follow recipes. After a few months it resulted in a healthier body along with a fresh outlook on enjoying the foods I eat and ways to maintain a balanced lifestyle."

  • "Jessica is professional and takes all of your questions seriously, even the ones you find silly. She helped me by going through what I normally eat, and suggesting small, realistic modifications. I found out I was eating incorrectly all this time, even when I thought I was not. Before meeting Jessica, I was eating something sugary each day, but now I can go days without it. I recommend Jessica; she is full of knowledge of a subject we have not been taught properly."

  • "It was a pleasure working with Jessica in striving to attain my nutritional goals.  She is knowledgeable, honest and reliable.  There were very few questions that she could not answer right away and would always promptly follow-up with me after looking into those requiring further research.  She is also responsive which is much appreciated in today's society.  I would fully recommend Jessica to anyone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle." 

  • "Jessica took the time to listen to us, kept in regular contact, and provided great alternatives if we ran into any obstacles. We have already met our first couple milestones and are excited to see the end result as we continue to work with Jessica. We highly recommend working with Jessica."


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