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Festive Chocolate Bark

Holiday over-indulgence is a vice that many of us struggle with. This season is synonymous with sweets and treats, and rightly so – what better way to end the year than with a little indulgence? However, over-indulgence is a different animal. Without jeopardizing your goals or having to face the consequences come January, end this year with the perfect treat. Chocolate bark – when made with quality ingredients – is a luxurious, nutrient-rich treat. It embodies both a personalized touch and an incredible wow-factor. Prepare to impress – and be impressed!


High-quality dark chocolate is luscious and decadent, offering a rich antioxidant content. The higher the cacao percentage (aim for at least 70%), the greater the antioxidant capacity. When topped with colourful nuts and fruit that vary in texture, both the nutritional value and taste compound. The toppings pictured above are tart cherries, cranberries, apricots, pistachios, and raw cocoa nibs – the gorgeous colours really add a note of festivity.

Here is my tried-and-true Festive Chocolate Bark recipe that you are sure to love!


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