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Berry Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Whether it’s for convenience, time, or nutrition, chug-and-go shakes, smoothies, and raw juices continue to be a morning staple for many. For me, however, there is something about eating breakfast with a spoon that makes it feel like breakfast. This is why I love smoothie bowls. The beauty of smoothie bowls is that it allows you to tap into your creative mind. There are no rules. Simply select your favourite flavour profile, choose nutrient-dense ingredients that vary in colour and texture, and make it your own!

My only word of advice: it’s not a meal unless it contains protein.

Berry Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie base: 0% M.F. plain Greek yogurt, unsweetened organic soy milk, frozen cranberries, Medjool dates

Toppings: Nature’s Path Organic Dark Chocolate & Red Berries Love Crunch (obsessed!), raw cocoa nibs, hemp hearts, chia seeds, and blushing fresh berries

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Happy Monday!

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