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What Does Nutrition Mean to You?

Nutrition can mean different things to different people. To me, nutrition is the cornerstone to good health and well-being. Good nutrition involves knowledge, exploration, balance, and motivation. As a Dietitian, I will provide you with the tools to attain proper nutrition. I will help empower you to strive for the best version of yourself. My philosophy is that no goal is too far out of reach so long as you engage it with tenacity.

Healthy Choices

Fuel your body with the proper balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. I teach you how to optimize your metabolism, manage hunger cues, and eat from true, physiological hunger.

Healthy Grocery Shopping

With new products on the shelves each day, grocery shopping has never been so complicated. Is gluten-free healthier? How do I read labels? I help you understand how to shop with your health in mind.

Postive Attitude

Disordered eating can derail your nutritional goals. Schedule constraints, emotional eating, and lack of planning can all lead to overeating. I help you develop successful strategies to satiate your appetite and to structure a healthy diet.

Speak with a professional to achieve your nutritional goals


I am very impressed by Jessica’s knowledge of nutrition and her attentive follow-up to make sure that I achieve my goal.  Chuck

Jessica Tong

I am a Registered Dietitian who graduated from McGill University in Montreal. I completed my clinical dietetic internship at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal and St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, and am currently a registered member of the College of Dietitians of British Columbia and Dietitians of Canada. Having a background in research with the Division of Gastroenterology at St. Paul’s Hospital, I value clinical evidence and use it extensively in my practice. My passion is to translate scientific principles into practical daily applications for my clients.

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